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We understand how difficult it can be to advance your career in dentistry, which is why we're aiming to ensure every new job in dentistry is available in one place, here. Our site is designed to be uncluttered and simple to use - making finding your next job as easy and stress free as possible. 

Registering is easy.

If you haven't registered with us yet, why not search our site and see if the job your looking for is already being advertised? When you find the job you're looking for and apply, our system will cleverly register you at the same time - just remember your password.

Alternatively if you're an experienced job board user and you know what you're doing - just click on the 'register with us' or 'post CV' tabs located on our homepage.

'My Account' - the hub for your career search.

Once registered simply log in to your account through the 'My Account' button. You'll be able to search for jobs and apply any that interest you.

You'll find other great time saving features like 'add to shortlist' so that you can come back and look at interesting jobs when you have more time. Here you can also upload your CV so that it is there each time you want to apply for a job and you can also register for job alerts, so you'll never miss out on a job that might be the one for you.

With more employers actively searching for good people, you might even want to make your CV or profile searchable so that the jobs really can come to you. All of which can me managed in your account settings once you're registered.

And finally, you can keep your details completely up to date, updating your mobile or even your address if they ever change - all within your account settings.

Candidate Tips

We all know how to write a CV and how to handle ourselves at interview. There are literally hundreds of pointers on interview techniques and writing the perfect CV, but there are a few simple tips that are always useful to remember: - .

  • Make sure your CV is about 2-3 pages long, free of spelling and formatting errors, and the skills and qualifications relevant to the job are easily found.
  • If you can, include a brief outline of why your applying for the job, rather than just forwarding a faceless email with CV attachment.
  • If offered an interview, do your preparation. Look at their website, find out about their business and make sure you have a number of good questions to ask, based on what you already know about their business/practice.
  • Make sure you know where you are going. Don't arrive too early and if you are going to be late for any reason, make sure you've called in good time to let them know you're running late. Being late is never a good start, but it's not unsalvageable either.
  • Smart, smarter, smartest. If you're not sure what to wear, go for your smartest professional outfit. It doesn't matter if the interviewer is under dressed, as long as you're not.

Don't forget to be confident and be yourself. They've seen your skills and qualifications on paper already, but they'll be hiring you.

Good luck!