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Why are dentists slow to embrace on-line recruitment?

05 February 2015

Recruiters were very quick to realise the potential of the internet. For well over 20 years, recruiters (particularly in the IT sector for obvious reasons) have used the internet to recruit talent in challenging markets. In the early days, we even had to be fax job specs to the likes of Jobserve for them to post them on the web for us. 

For a while now, I've been wondering why the dental sector has been slow to embrace on-line recruitment. Practices still place adverts in the BDJ, although at least the BDJ offers you the scope to place the advert on-line as well - even if they do charge you extra for the privilege. But alarmingly many practices still place an advert in the local newspaper when looking for a dental nurse, practice manager or receptionist. 

When all of your staff are using the likes of SOE or R4, you're looking in to whether patients/customers can book appointments on-line through your website and you're spending a small fortune on SEO with some web outfit, why would you stick an ad in the local paper when you're recruiting?

While grabbing a pre-meeting coffee the other day, I took a quick look at the Daily Mail (it was the only paper left in the rack I can assure you). After scanning the back pages I took a quick look at the business section. and was astounded to read that RBS now believe that the 7.01am train from Reading to Paddington is their busiest Bank branch. 

The article goes on to quote that 167,000 people are using RBS's on-line banking app on their way to work and some 2.3 million over 70's regularly use their internet banking service.

When you consider banks were one of the slowest sectors to embrace the internet and mobile applications for security reasons you can start to see where the trend is for the much more mature job seeker/recruitment market. If you're not actively promoting your dental jobs on-line, you're simply missing the bulk of the market nowadays as the average active job-seeker is simply not looking through the recruitment classifieds anymore. 

With on-line job boards not only do advertisers benefit from their jobs being displayed to a much wider audience but registered candidates also receive email alerts when new jobs are posted - so your job might even reach someone when they're not even actively looking. With the ability to simply click on a link to refer a friend, share on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets, the potential reach grows even further. 

If your practice is modernising and you're looking at how to interact with more with your clients on-line - you're certainly missing a trick if you're not using that same technology to attract staff. 

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