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Dental Therapist

Job Reference: 00011517
Date Posted: 22 July 2017
Location: Westcotes, Leicestershire
Salary: Market Rate
Sector: Public Sector > Dental Therapist, General Dental Practice > Dental Hygienist, General Dental Practice > Dental Therapist
Job Type: Permanent
Closing Date: 30 December 2018

Job Description

Dental therapist

Purpose of the job
Carry out dental therapy treatment under the prescription of a dentist in line with current legislation and regulations and in accordance with the GDC requirements under reasonable guidance from the Principal and perform such other tasks as the Principal shall reasonably request

Responsible to
The principal of the practice

Responsible for
The assisting dental nurse 

Employment duties
• Carry out a high quality dental therapy treatment under the prescription of a dentist in line with current legislation and regulations

• Follow practice policies and procedures

• Ensure that the required professional indemnity and insurance are in place and that all necessary CPD is undertaken

• Promote, establish and maintain productive working relationships with all members of the dental team 

• Liaise with the principal on all matters concerning administration, pay and service conditions

• Supervise the assisting dental nurse in regard to clinical matters

• Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work

Key tasks

• Work with the dentist/s of the practice to improve and maintain the oral health of the patients

• Follow practice procedures for infection prevention and control

• Actively develop good lines of communication with the dentist/s to ensure the best treatment of the patients

• Offer treatment to patients only with a written prescription from one of the dentists

• Plan the delivery of a patient’s care

• Work with the principal to develop the practice and implement the business plan

• Maintain accurate clinical records

• Provide treatment for patients in line with the practice schedule and appointment system

• Maintain a high level of patient care

• Attend practice meetings and training sessions when requested to do so 

• Keep up to date with health and safety requirements

• Assist in other areas of the practice, including administration if required to do so

• Perform the following clinical procedures:

− Carry out intra and extra oral assessment
− Carry out scaling and polishing
− Apply fluoride and fissure sealants
− Take dental radiographs
− Carry out direct restorations on permanent and primary teeth
− Carry out pulpotomies on primary teeth
− Place pre-formed crowns on primary teeth
− Use all materials except cast or pinned placements
− Extract primary teeth under local infiltration analgesia
− Provide dental health education

Upon completion of appropriate training:

− Administer inhalation sedation
− Administer Inferior Dental Nerve Block analgesia (under dentist’s supervision)
− Vary the detail of a prescription but not the direction of a prescription
− Prescribe radiographs
− Perform temporary emergency replacements of fillings and crowns
− Take impressions
− Treat patients under conscious sedation, only while dentist is in the surgery
− Carry out tooth whitening to the prescription of a dentist
− Remove sutures after the wound has been checked by a dentist

• Attend all practice meetings as requested